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BAI is One-Stop-Destination in identifying individual needs and providing professional guidance BAI is Institutionalized by partners having over 37 Years of Domain Expertise and Operational excellence in Aviation Industry. Our Panel consists of Eminent Pilot currently with one of the leading Private Airlines and flown various Aircrafts like B-737NG and A-330.

We identify individual needs and provide professional guidance on areas ranging from Course, Fee Structure, Faculty, Management, Financial Aid, Logistics (Tickets, Visa, etc), Overheads and Documentation so that Students do not have to run around for anything. We also challenge each Individual and help them develop confidence to grow Personally and Professionally so as to have a great Career and not just a Job. Our courses are designed to make the learning process fast and more efficient, thereby reducing cost and time for flight training.


Our Vision/Mission

Choose one of the three types of ab initio training – start from zero and advance to the flight deck of an airliner. With us, there is no need for previous flying experience. We will turn you into a professional pilot and make your future employer proud of you!

Our Vision


    Integrity by being Honest, Transparent and Accountable in everything we do. Effort as we Focus on Results and drive students to stretch to best possible limits to maximize Performance by enhancing knowledge, potential and confidence. Partnerships as we Collaborate with our Partners and Students by being Responsive and providing complete Support, Attention and Detail at all stages. Passion as we Inspire and induce Creativity in individuals with Ambition to have career in Aviation Industry by providing professional guidance and facts.

Our Vision

Our Mission

    You will enjoy learning from our team of Instructors who are highly qualified in flying and formal teaching. They hold Certificate in Training and Assessment and Flight Instructor Rating. Our Instructors are Knowledgeable, Passionate, Great Motivators and create an environment of learning where you feel involved and makes your mind ask questions and seek solutions. You will find a friend and coach in them for a life!!


    Our Mission



BAI is One-Stop-Destination in identifying individual needs and providing profes... Read More

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